What we focus on is what becomes large in our life


What we focus on is what becomes large in our life.  When we focus on the things that are wrong, that is what is large.  We can spend more time thinking about what is wrong or we can choose to focus on what is right in our life.  I don’t need to tell you which focus will bring a positive attitude.

Mark 4:19 (AMP) 19 but the worries and cares of the world [the distractions of this age with its worldly pleasures], and the deceitfulness [and the false security or glamour] of wealth [or fame], and the passionate desires for all the other things creep in and choke out the word, and it becomes unfruitful.

There are so many of us that hate aspects of our daily life whether it is our job, our family, or whatever.  We tend to focus on all the wrong and things that annoy us.  We don’t have to try to be negative.  Focusing on the negative is natural for our human flesh.  I don’t know why but it is.  It takes effort to turn negative thinking into positive thinking.

Hebrews 12:2 (AMP) [looking away from all that will distract us and] focusing our eyes on Jesus, who is the Author and Perfecter of faith [the first incentive for our belief and the One who brings our faith to maturity], who for the joy [of accomplishing the goal] set before Him endured the cross, [a]disregarding the shame, and sat down at the right hand of the throne of God [revealing His deity, His authority, and the completion of His work]. 

How many distractions do you think the Devil puts in front of us every day to steal our focus from positive things?  The Devil will distract us from being grateful and seeing the great things that God does for us each and every day.  Be careful about letting the devil distract you. What God does is always greater than what the devil is doing.

Most of us have more right in our lives than we do wrong but when we have a big problem in our life that is all we tend to see at the time.  We do have good things going on in life – we might just have to change our behavior to start focusing on those good things rather than that big problem.

Galatians 5:16 (AMP) 16 But I say, walk habitually in the [Holy] Spirit [seek Him and be responsive to His guidance], and then you will certainly not carry out the desire of the [a]sinful nature [which responds impulsively without regard for God and His precepts].

If you would like to accept Jesus as your savior, and you are not quite sure how, it is as simple as saying a prayer to God to let Him know you are ready to accept Him into your life. Say this prayer if you would like to invite Jesus to live in your heart:

Father God, I love you and believe in you. I need you Lord and I am sorry for my sins and the way that I live. Lord, I want you in my life. I receive Jesus as my savior and Lord. I believe that Jesus died for me and rose from the dead. Lord take me as I am and make me the way you want me to be. God, thank you for saving me and being with me on my journey. I am looking forward to my journey with you Lord. I know you will equip me for my journey and I am glad I have you by my side as I walk this walk of Life. Thank you Lord, I love you. Amen



About lisajohnson401

My true belief is that the best way to preach is by our actions and not our words. However, we need some daily inspiration to keep us on our path. We as Christians have a responsibility not to judge others by our words but to show the love of Christ by loving them where they are at on their personal journey in life...and if they never turn their life over to Christ, continue to love them for who they are - after all God does.
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