Each time we fall down, we must endure, get up, and try again

Hebrews 1:13 (AMP) 13 But to which of the angels has the Father ever said, “Sit at My right hand [together with me in royal dignity], Until I make your enemies A footstool for your feet [in triumphant conquest]”?

Although things may not appear joyous on the outside – our soul can be at rest knowing we have a God who loves us enough to take care of problems we can do nothing about. God knows what is best for us and He does things in His timing an in the timing that is best for us. The key is to learn while we are waiting on God. Every time we wait it is an opportunity to learn and mature as a Christian.

Learning how to sit and wait on God is one of the most difficult lessons that we learn in life. A lot of times we get up from sitting and start running, then we fall down. Each time we fall down, we must endure, get up, and try again. God will help us to get up. The thing is each time we fall or make a mistake, we can go to God and rest in Him, then get back to our walk with God so we can run the race with Him that he has set out for us to run.

We try so hard to get things for ourselves rather than wait on God and just wait to let God make things happen. A lot of times when we try, we are in works of the flesh and we find ourselves physically exhausted. It is in those times that we often realize we are just making a mess of things but sometimes it takes a while for us to realize that. Many of us, when in stressful situations, we don’t do are part and we are trying to do God’s part.

We are to stand strong with God and run our race. In order to stand strong and run our race we might have to sit a little bit. Sit to rest in God and let Him do things in our lives in His time. A lot of time we are running our race – but not with God – we are just running and doing what we think we want in life. Resting in God is incredibly important for us to understand.

When we rest in God we rest while doing what we can do and we let God do the things we cannot do. We so many times do what we are tired of waiting for God to do.   Trying to do God’s work and doing things for ourselves can steal our joy. When we wait on God and let Him do His will in our lives we will find peace.

Hebrews 1:3 (AMP) The Son is the radiance and only expression of the glory of [our awesome] God [reflecting God’s [a]Shekinah glory, the Light-being, the brilliant light of the divine], and the exact representation and perfect imprint of His [Father’s] essence, and upholding and maintaining and propelling all things [the entire physical and spiritual universe] by His powerful word [carrying the universe along to its predetermined goal]. When He [Himself and no other] had [by offering Himself on the cross as a sacrifice for sin] accomplished purification from sins and established our freedom from guilt, He sat down [revealing His completed work] at the right hand of the Majesty on high [revealing His Divine authority],

If you would like to accept Jesus as your savior, and you are not quite sure how, it is as simple as saying a prayer to God letting Him know you are ready to accept Him into your life. Say this prayer if you would like to invite Jesus to live in your heart:

Father God, I love you and believe in you. I need you Lord and I am sorry for my sins and the way that I live. Lord, I want you in my life. I receive Jesus as my savior and Lord. I believe that Jesus died for me and rose from the dead. Lord take me as I am and make me the way you want me to be. God, thank you for saving me and being with me on my journey. I am looking forward to my journey with you Lord. I know you will equip me for my journey and I am glad I have you by my side as I walk this walk of Life. Thank you Lord, I love you. Amen


About lisajohnson401

My true belief is that the best way to preach is by our actions and not our words. However, we need some daily inspiration to keep us on our path. We as Christians have a responsibility not to judge others by our words but to show the love of Christ by loving them where they are at on their personal journey in life...and if they never turn their life over to Christ, continue to love them for who they are - after all God does.
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