We will make mistakes, but that is okay~Just get it right with the next decision

Matthew 5:6 (AMP) Blessed and fortunate and happy and [a]spiritually prosperous (in that state in which the born-again child of God [b]enjoys His favor and salvation) are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness (uprightness and right standing with God), for they shall be [c]completely satisfied!

If you really want to do what is right, you will do it. Pretty simple. Doing what is right is not usually easy. When we do what is right, we occasionally lose some of our friends – even friends in the church. Sometimes, we may have to lose our job to do what is right if it is what God is asking us to do. Sometimes the devil will put fear in our minds that if we do what is right that we will lose things. But if we choose to do what is right, we will be rewarded.

Doing what is right will give us satisfaction. We are satisfied because we did what we know what is right – then we can go home and rest well knowing we did everything we could do for that day that was right in our heart to do. Sometimes it is tough to do what is right because we are in the habit of doing whatever our flesh feels like doing at the time. However, we can learn to resist our fleshly desires and do what is right. We just have to change the habit of going with the flesh one decision at a time. We will make mistakes, but that is okay. Just get it right with the next decision.

If you would like to accept Jesus as your savior, and you are not quite sure how, it is as simple as saying a prayer to God letting Him know you are ready to accept Him into your life. Say this prayer if you would like to invite Jesus to live in your heart:

Father God, I love you and believe in you. I need you Lord and I am sorry for my sins and the way that I live. Lord, I want you in my life. I receive Jesus as my savior and Lord. I believe that Jesus died for me and rose from the dead. Lord take me as I am and make me the way you want me to be. God, thank you for saving me and being with me on my journey. I am looking forward to my journey with you Lord. I know you will equip me for my journey and I am glad I have you by my side as I walk this walk of Life. Thank you Lord, I love you. Amen


About lisajohnson401

My true belief is that the best way to preach is by our actions and not our words. However, we need some daily inspiration to keep us on our path. We as Christians have a responsibility not to judge others by our words but to show the love of Christ by loving them where they are at on their personal journey in life...and if they never turn their life over to Christ, continue to love them for who they are - after all God does.
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